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The founders and staff of "Consumers' Choice" Products, Inc. are pleased to present to you our top quality products from our exclusive Sasco(R) product line. The Sasco(R) product line was established in 1978 to offer the truly remarkable properties of the aloe vera plant. (You are invited to contact us for a free copy of our aloe vera brochure titled "What You should Know About The Quality Of Aloe Vera You Drink".) Over the years with a strict standard of using only top quality, natural and organic ingredients, a top quality line evolved offering a comprehensive selection of herbal based health aids, all natural nutritional products, superior personal care and environmentally safe and effective household cleaners.

All of us at "Consumers' Choice" believe strongly in the importance of family and each individual's personal well being. Therefore, we take great pride in our exclusive Sasco(R) product line which have provided quality products to meet the needs of so many individuals and families over the many years since 1978.

"Consumers' Choice" is committed to keeping our Sasco(R) product line abreast with the latest research and health care information. Each customer can purchase the Sasco(R) products with confidence backed by a full satisfaction guarantee.

Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to the founding principles and philosophies of the Company. We are dedicated to provide each of our customers the best in products and service. So give us a call or email - we are here to serve and help you.

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