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Your Invitation To A Plan-4-Life

A Truly Simple Business - Your Plan-4-Life!
One of the biggest challenge most people face when starting a new business is the limited amount of time and money they have to invest. "Consumers' Choice" business opportunity with the top quality Sasco® products allows you to capitalize on the benefits and inherent powers of a consumer driven business by simply turning some of your normal daily activities into a unique home based opportunity providing these four sources of income;
1) Receive consistency cash rewards of up to 12% for your personal Sasco® product purchases and enjoy a better quality of life through the use of Sasco® products
2) Earn great retail profit margins from sale of quality Sasco® products purchased with volume discounts
3) Earn commissions for referrals of new customers
4) Qualify to be an area representative and earn area bonuses
A Truly Simple Business - How it works!
Everyday people tell others about a good movie, a great restaurant, a new product, a bargain sale, the list goes on and on. Even top companies have discovered the benefits of word of mouth marketing as the most effective form of advertising in the world.
  • Word of mouth referrals, when done within ones own network of family, friends and associates, is more credible than the typical forms of advertising
  • Opportunities are great when the quality products are used everyday by a wide segment of the consuming public including your family, friends and associates
  • The opportunities are even greater, when combined with the power of a great compensation plan. A plan that pays people for what they do in their everyday lives - word of mouth advertising, but previously without the opportunity of being compensated for such referrals
  • Such a consumer oriented business, when utilized in a home based business, offers great earnings potential without the financial risks associated with most new business ventures
A Truly Simple Business - Is easy and simple to start!
Just contact the "Consumers' Choice" distributor who introduced you to Sasco® products and request to become a distributor - or contact the company to locate a distributor in your area. Upon enrollment begin purchasing the Sasco® products at wholesale and commence your consistency record as you and your family enjoy the great quality of the Sasco® products. Then as you begin introducing your network of family and friends to the great quality of Sasco® products they can become your retail customers or you can sponsor them as a distributor. It is that easy and simple - no minimum monthly purchase commitment or inventory to maintain. You are your "own boss" and free to set your own goals and work at your own pace.

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